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All buildings need a door and with our innovative door system you can be assured your stored assets are safe. Our doors are literally maintenance free compared to other styles of doors making our design reliable and reduce unexpected down time. With our bi-fold or hydraulic one-piece door systems will allow you to utilize the full span of your building maximizing every inch of your investment.

All of our doors are made from high quality steel that comes with material test records to ensure our doors stand the test of time. Thus, why we offer lifetime warranty on workmanship and manufacturing.

Our doors come with cable or strap lifting capabilities that are operated by a robust twin gear drive system to have double redundancy a lot like airplanes. The electric drive motors can be 12V, single phase 230v or 3 phase 480v.  Available with manual override if requested. Our hydraulic lift doors utilize the same power options and can even be solar powered for remote hangers where power is too expensive and not an option.

The installation of the doors can either be done by us or your general contractor. All of our doors come with an installation manual along with 24hr support.

Most doors need insulation to keep the heat in or the heat out. We offer R11 - R24 foam board with white aluminum backing so you have a nice hard finish on the inside of your door. If you choose, we even offer a composite board that provides a nice smooth exterior finish to the door.

When it comes to keeping your assets safe, we offer a manual latch or automatic latching system. The manual latch is operated from one side or the other of the door which is your choice. No more unlatching from each side and walking back and forth. The automatic latch system is operated in sequence with the push button control switch and unlatches automatically. We also offer remote door fobs for those who prefer to operate remotely from your airplane or piece of equipment.

All of our doors are transported to our customers on company owed trucks to ensure our door arrives on time and free from damages. We look after all the export paperwork and load permits, so you don't have to worry about any logistics with your door.

Your satisfaction is our SUCCESS!!  Call us today to start your next-door design.

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